Why I love SEO

SEO is always evolving, it’s volatile. A puzzle without an ending, a mystery and a challenge that requires a mind that is analytic, strategic and creative.

Rand Fishkin describes SEO as “a mix of math, science and art” what a combo!
Dealing with different clients allows one to learn about different kinds of businesses. Every day is always a learning opportunity.

A new website is a new challenge that requires a tailor made specific customised strategy that will ensure that the website gets the relevant traffic that results in more leads and sales.

While some SEO specialists may practice Black hat SEO, which obviously gets quick results. Once Google detects any form of dodgy SEO tactics, consider your site black listed for life. Recovering from a Google penalty is not that easy.

What makes SEO intriguing is that there is no one golden secret, the algorithm continuously develops. No one and I repeat nobody can claim to know everything about SEO.

Hence SEO is a challenge that requires a holistic approach that integrates other factors into the SEO strategy, for instance user experience, social media, content creation, mobile adaptability and voice search amongst other factors.

SEO is result driven meaning that you can easily see if the work that you have been doing has made an impact or is useless.

According to John E Lincoln the 4 daily habits of successful SEO specialists are

1- They keep up to date with the latest SEO news & strategies
2- They review what is working with analytics and ranking tools
3- They act instead of talking strategies
4- They are always improving their skills and websites

If SEO was not challenging, I don’t think I would be in this industry.

Will I ever go back to running around after news stories, Hell No! I am content with SEO and its critical role within a digital marketing strategy.


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