Random Foreign Thoughts

The  thought of living home does strike many young individuals especially during tough economic times and when they are not employed, they feel the pressure to go abroad and search for greener pastures, however the land of milk and honey has major challenges.

Living as a foreigner without any form of identification is difficult. Many people usually travel without proper documentation because the urge to go abroad is sudden as one overlooks the challenges bound to be faced and imagines himself living the big life living life style.


Nearby boarders are crossed on foot while those who wish to go to South Africa sometimes cross the Limpopo river,  risking their lives in the hope of reaching the destination of opportunities. Learning a local language is vital because once the locals know that are a foreigner, if unfortunate you can become a target  and a suspect of anything that goes wrong.

A foreigner’s life is of challenges and limitations, its not the same as being in your homeland where you are aware of your surroundings. Were you are free to walk about freely without having to look over your shoulders and having to place yourself strategically like a chess piece and were you are not desperate to  do something that you never thought you would do due to desperation.

Research however shows that foreigners tend to have more impetus and the hunger and will to thrive and succeed hence many of the usually end up living successful lives.


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