Random Reflection

With age comes aggression, ignorance, greed and jealousy. A few individuals age with wisdom. What can you take full accountability for throughout the years of your life up to this point?

Have you been a hundred percent responsible for your success or failures in life? Did you give it your all, in all that you have done this year?

Did you stay positive all the time and make claims and declared what belongs to you, what you desire? Did you at least try to make the changes you have always wanted to?

Did you cheer for others who achieved success? In as much as life can be sometimes random they are four important factors that are vital tips that are helpful in making life encounters and reflections better.

1= Faith = believing in GOD and that they is a time for everything. Believing in the unseen and staying positive despite challenges.

2= Self-explanatory Golden rule = “Do unto others as would like them to do unto you.”

3= Do not compete with anyone but yourself

4= Taking accountability and full ownership in all that you do


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