Failed Suicide attempt in Hillbrow

A girl in her early twenties tried to commit suicide, by throwing herself from a fourth floor window along Quartz street in Hillbrow. A small crowd gathered and started to shout, “Yeh Yeh stop, Yehi wena.” IMG_20151126_163212IMG_20151126_163227failed suicide

Just as she was just about to throw herself she got pulled in by two women who came to he rescue.   According to a news24 report South Africa is the 8th highest suicide rate in  the world. Individuals having suicide thoughts should  call the SA hotline and get help immediately. click here to get more information.

Check out the video of the rescue mission.

A daily maverick article on suicide states, The highest number of fatal suicides occur in the 15–19 group, says Schlebusch, and predominantly among girls aged 10–19. Fatal suicides are almost as high among youth as among adults. A high proportion, also, are black youths under the age of 18.

The socio-economic context has significant bearing on the prevalence of suicide in South Africa: with high unemployment rates and thus high levels of poverty, South African youths are confronted with significant educational and socio-economic demands – an experience that can feel both overwhelming and paralysing,most especially when one is attempting to negotiate the significant and already challenging transitions and adjustments that adolescence and early adulthood can bring.”


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