5 Ways to help Improve Your Rate of Efficiency at Work

Five ways to help Improve Your Rate of Efficiency at Work


Failure to be efficient at work will result in you being unproductive. Not being productive will make you seem as if you are lack focus.
Your boss may even think that you are confused and might even consider adding you to the retrenchment list which usually consists of the weakest link employees. But if you adapt these following steps your rate of efficiency will be at its peak.
1- Create a To Do List – Write down a list of the tasks that you have to accomplish according to their priority level. Each time you complete a task tick it off. Take note of the time when you are most effective. During lull periods make sure that you take short breaks.

2- Disconnect From Social Platforms – Social networking sites are a distraction, do not fall into the rabbit hole of posting social updates and checking your phone for messages every now and then. Turn off all your devices and focus on your work. Minimize unnecessary interruptions and only check your messages during your break time.

3- Be a Team player- Help other co-workers and establish mutual relations of trust. Having good communication relationships, will make it easy for you to ask for some help and call reinforcements. If you have a lot of work to do delegate some of your duties and make sure that your team mates have a full brief and understand exactly what they have to do.

4- Snack Wisely- Do not just gobble down any kind of snack during your breaks. Avoid foods that are dense and contain a lot of carbohydrates that can sometimes drain energy.
In order for the brain to function at its best it needs good fats that can be found in foods such as chia seeds and raw almonds.

5 Sleep-Establish a healthy sleeping routine to avoid feeling fatigue. Make sure that have a regular flowing circadian rhythm. Sleeping allows your body to rest and re-energise. Your mood will be boosted, your stress levels will also lower. Audio visual integrators  can also aid your rate of being fast.


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