Granny challenges taxi driver

Granny challenges taxi driver

It was on a Monday morning when an old woman around 50 to 60 years old challenged a taxi driver. It was as if, it was a scene out of a comedy skit.

The taxi was on route to Randburg. What started as a sombre long drive switched to laughter and continuous discussions, criticism of the old lady amongst the commuters. What sparked the argument was a simple question that the granny asked the taxi driver. “Is the taxi going to Randburg via Jan smuts going straight ahead or not? She asked.”

The taxi driver responded, “This taxi is going to Randburg which ever directions it takes it will end up in Randburg.” And the old lady got furious, “I asked you a simply question just answer yes or no, do you think that you are far more educated than me just because you can drive. I will stab you on the neck right now do you know who I am.’’

Some commuters gasped, others laughed. I will not be challenged by an old craggy lady the taxi driver said and began to slow down the speed of the 15 passenger taxi. The granny then began slurring at the taxi driver. She then stood in a fit of rage from her seat, “stop the taxi.”

She then got out and ran to the driver’s side and slapped the taxi driver and quickly ran off. The taxi driver shouted back calling the old lady mad. “What if I am mad?” She responded  then pulled an F U hand sign. The taxi driver then shook his head and drove away.

Most commuters seemed to be on the side of the taxi driver who seemed dumb folded and kept quiet throughout the rest of the drive.


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