Sunday Mass Thief

A thief has no rest day even on Sunday. If there is an opportunity, stealing is always an option. After the Sunday notifications were announced.

The presiding priest who was a visitor to the parish stood up to announce that one of the usher’s bag was stolen. The church gasped and the priest asked the young lady to say what was in the bag. “Bank cards, 400 dollars and a Samsung S 3 phone,” she stated.

The priest then warned the unknown thief. “Please we are asking you to go and place the bag somewhere around the church. If you do not I will place a curse on you. If I pray on the altar and declare something my Father answers me always. You will never have happiness in your life unless you return the bag.”

He then explained that God forgives and punishes. “God shows mercy to those who confess their sins but to those who do not change and repent God punishes.”

He encouraged the church to change from their sinful ways and said the final blessing and mass ended.


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