Source motivation no matter what

Undermined or ridiculed everyone has received some negative comments. One question that usually pops up is why?

Why me? Why should I be the recipient of negative comments? After much reflection one can either accept or decline the negative feedback. However most people tend to accept the negative comments and become discouraged to continue on a path they have chosen or simply quit.

The second most inspiring City.


They become stagnant unmotivated without the will power to strive for their goals all because of what other people have said.
“You are dull and dangerous.”
“Sorry you are the weakest link so you are out of the team.”
“Ha, ha, ha you want to be a writer you are not serious you are just wasting your time.”
And the negative comments are endless and differ according to people’s different faces.

Many people already struggle with being self motivated especially when doing personal tasks without a boss to report to or a supervisor following up on the work they are doing.
They become lenient on themselves and sometimes lack the discipline it takes to be motivated over long periods of time in order to achieve their goals.

Hence those with money tend to acquire services of personal trainers and life coaches who assist them to reach their specific goals and to keep them motivated.
However there is a free source of motivation that can be used to ignite motivation that drives you all the way to your goal destination, its negative comments.

The negative comments you receive give you the opportunity to prove a point that you can make it and they is always room for improvement. You can use the negative comments you receive to change your strategy, make positive changes research on your weak points and to seek help.Just channel the negative comments you receive to instant motivation.



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