Is your support base solid?

A support base is a group of individuals either family or friends, if you are a celebrity fans can be included. They support you in all situations and are followers of your life because they have an interest in you. They encourage and wish you the best in your endeavors.

They  offer constructive criticism that is meant to help you improve and be better in whatever you are doing. Some may be in your surroundings constantly while some not.

Although some may pledge their support for you and claim to be hundred percent supporters, some are haters undercover and support you because you have a blood bond “family sticks together” “you can’t choose family but you can choose friends” l have heard people say, their support is seemingly forced.

Friends can be chosen and ties can be cut off at any given time. It’s easy to have friends with the same interests and values as you meaning negative or positive friends the choice is yours.

Living in isolation is difficult.  Even countries have support groups in their regions for instance (SADC) Southern African Development Community. Your support base can build you or destroy you, uplift you or boo you.

Whenever there is a home soccer match the visitors know that the game will be tough and tricky because of the twelfth man the supporters, who can create an atmosphere that encourages the home team, intimidates and demotivates the visiting team.

Sports supporters are so committed, they buy newspapers and the first section read is the sport section checking the score line or log table. A championship game final can turn a supporter’s day from happy to sad vice versa.

Emotions can run high resulting in anger among supporters of different teams. For you to have a strong support base it is important for you to also support others and to have strong mutual relations with family members and friends however it is not possible to please everyone and not everyone will like you back even if you support them.

Most families are dysfunctional with rivalry, favoritism, hatred, jealousy and abuse, reality faced but shielded by the families to outsiders. Who is in your support group, can they bail you out when in need, do you trust them, and are they positive, do they encourage you.

Soldiers at war attack in groups and when one of them is attacking the enemy the common phrase is “cover my back” knowing that if he is to miss an enemy whose trying to shoot him his support group will deal with the enemy that he has missed.

Sometimes a person support group can be spotted at funerals, however not all people who attend funerals may know the dead person. Some will be in attendance out of kindness; others will be accompanying others while some will be attending knowing that a free meal will be on offer.

Social and friendly people usually have strong solid support these individuals have a magnetic, likeable, approachable appearance. With a solid support base you can conquer anything. Explore the fitzanne estates sectional title unit that has a strong suport base.

“Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all surround yourself with those who see greatness within you even if you don’t see it.” Quote source:


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