And then?

You are asked a question and you respond with a yes or no answer. But when asked why and you have no explanation you fail to respond.

It’s either you are on the wrong side of the law or completely clueless of the reason you are meant to give.

Explanations are daily requirements of life. A yes or no response is sometimes not enough to make sure that the information you are relaying is understood.

When asked an offensive question the explanation tends to be defensive or offensive depending on the individual. However some individuals will simply answer a question with a question.

You might not have a concrete explanation to justify whatever it is you have done or have to answer for, and when it’s your turn to respond you will take a long moment of silence.

Remember you are not at a court room proceeding and no lawyer will defend you and say, “Objection! Your worship he cannot answer that question it’s completely irrelevant”.

No parent or guardian is going to say, “Ah his just a child he did not think before acting”, and the most popular phrase, “he does not know the difference between right or wrong”.

You are classified an adult or young adult twenty one years and above. You might have a support base but sometimes you have to answer an explanation on your own.

Be it to your friend, boss, partner or much higher authority and then the explanation is not there, when a response is crucially needed and all eyes are on you.

As a child, l remember playing a game called choose my car with my friends. When we saw a cool car, the first one to point at it and say, “that’s my car” would be the owner of that car as it passed us by and as we admired its beauty.

It was a game of choosing a car and stating a common explanation, “when l grow up, l will buy it”.
It used to be so easy to give an explanation or to have an explanation answered for you by an adult around you, in response to a question that was asked directly at you.

The more you grow the more you have to explain a sensible reason. Situations you could have not have answered for and explained when young are now explanation applicable.

More information is being shared and accessible to you at your own disposal. Expect to be asked more questions which require explanations, suggestions which require reasons in detail to justify why.
In some instances your explanation is bound to be short and precise, long or not at your disposal but of silence, it happens and what’s left to say is life goes on with or without your explanation.

But having an explanation shows your intention, clarification and understanding of whatever it is you have to fully answer for.


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