Failed Suicide attempt in Hillbrow

A girl in her early twenties tried to commit suicide, by throwing herself from a fourth floor window along Quartz street in Hillbrow. A small crowd gathered and started to shout, “Yeh Yeh stop, Yehi wena.” Just as she was just about to throw herself she got pulled in by two women who came to he rescue.   According to a news24 report South Africa is the 8th highest suicide rate in  the world. Individuals having suicide thoughts should  call the SA hotline and get help immediately. click here to get more information. Check out the video of the rescue mission. … Continue reading Failed Suicide attempt in Hillbrow

Random HIV testing Starts in Zim

The random door to door HIV and Aids testing six month campaign recently began in Binga, Zimbabwe. The survey is an initiative led by the Ministry of Health and Child Care in collaboration with the National Aids Council, Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency, Biomedical Research Training Institute and international Partners such as ICAP. The campaign aims is to measure the impact of Zimbabwe’s HIV prevention, care and treatment services. The public is being urged to take part in this campaign so as to help provide evidence that is critical to help plan future campaigns. During the launch, Cain Mathema the Matabeleland … Continue reading Random HIV testing Starts in Zim

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? Scientists Say It Worked

Originally posted on The Fifth Column:
AP SCIENCE.MIC A year after the Ice Bucket Challenge went viral, scientists are crediting the viral campaign for providing much-needed research funding into amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (aka Lou Gehrig’s disease), the mysterious and usually fatal neurological degenerative condition that inspired it. Scientists informed the Washington Post that some of the $220 million raised globally from the challenge, organized by the national nonprofit ALS Association, has already gone to good use. In a Johns Hopkins study funded in part by Ice Bucket Challenge money, doctors experimented with a synthetic version of TDP-43, a protein often found outside the nuclei of… Continue reading Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? Scientists Say It Worked